Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the most frequently asked questions about our products. If after reading this section you still have some doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.

FalconAIO is a company where we aim to develop the best functional bots on the market with a one-of-a-kind user interface to match it's one-of-a-kind performance. As of right now, our planned products are:

  • FalconTools
  • FalconSupreme
  • FalconShopify
  • FalconAdidas
  • FalconNike
  • FalconMesh
  • FalconFootsites

FalconBeta is our beta program where we allow users to test our software and give us feedback and suggestions on what content to add. Although the beta does cost money, we are currently offering testing for FalconTools, Shopify, and Supreme (a $300 value) for only $100. Beta testers won't get a free copy upon release, but depending on the level of feedback you give, we are giving discounts upon release.

Currently, since we are in beta, we do not have large numbers to base our rate off of, however, we ran Supreme Lacoste 4 slots, and 3 hit. Our main priority is to complete our bots and release them to the public. All beta testers contributing speed up the expected launch date.

MacOS and Windows are both supported.

We offer global support for our software, however, support is not possibly available after it leaves our jurisdiction. This means if you have proper (shipping, proxy, payment, etc.) arrangements, it will work for you. We are not accountable if you do not. Failure to read all of these F.A.Q. may result in a misunderstanding, and we request that you understand these before purchase.

Falcon products are under limited availability. Stay updated by following us on Twitter for information on restocks @FalconAiO.

Please check your emails as you will gain an invite link to the Discord in the same email as your license key. It is located near the bottom.

Beta F.A.Q.

Activation keys and download links are sent out after the current drop is over. This means you'll need to wait a few hours before getting the email. You will receive 2 emails in total. One is a receipt, and one is a welcome message. As long as you receive a receipt within 10 minutes of purchasing, you're good to go.

Your card was declined/insufficient funds.

Your card was declined/insufficient funds.

We currently do NOT support PayPal. If you'd like to use alternative payment methods, DM @FalconAiO.

We are integrating Apple Pay into our site this week :)

We are always accepting questions and always try to offer support for our customers. DM us @FalconAiO or email [email protected] Please refrain from contacting us before reading the FAQs.

The current price is $100.00, you're getting a $300 value for an unbeatable 1/3rd.

Site FAQ

All sales are final, this is due to the amount of users attempting to buy our software, use/sell their keys, and request refunds. There are very rare cases in which a refund will occur, mostly Accidental Purchases. The moment the link in your access email is clicked, you own your activation key and we will not cover refunds. We have done refunds in the past, but have checked against downloads prior to.

Since we do not yet offer an escrow resale service, we do not currently support resale of our products. If you've been sold a key, please contact us immediately with the email or key you've been sold, and we will nullify that user's access.


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